Sustainable Communities

Practicing Environmental Stewardship

Practicing sustainability is not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense. But what does sustainability really mean? Sustainability means preserving a building by making sure it has a healthy financial future. It means preserving a community by creating a friendly place where senior citizens can live out their final years. It means maintaining every property “like new” so that systems function at maximum efficiency. It means using financial tools such as budgeting and operating ratios to meet profit goals.

We exercise strong financial control and invest in energy-efficient and routine system upgrades to protect your investment, reduce wasteful spending, and ensure operational viability—for decades. When you hire PRD to look after your real estate investment, you can trust that we’ll perform a thorough review of your property. We’ll identify and develop long term asset management solutions to keep your investment strong well into the future. Plus, we’ll identify and stop issues—such as water leaks—before they become big, costly problems.  

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Sustainability Practices

To learn how to make your property more sustainable and efficient, contact us today!

    Our comprehensive approach to maintaining your physical property includes things like:

  • Educating employees, clients, contractors and residents
  • Installing low-flow shower heads and power flush toilets
  • System upgrades
  • Converting from electric to gas
  • Installing LED and compact fluorescent lighting
  • Installing photocell devices on outdoor lighting
  • Replacing old appliances with Energy Star appliances
  • Using reflective roof coatings
  • Promoting recycling programs with residents
  • Making window and door upgrades
  • Caulking windows, cracks and anywhere else energy might escape
  • Tracking and analyzing utility and energy consumption year-to-year to identify trouble spots
  • Performing regular boiler maintenance
  • Changing heating filters often to promote efficiency