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Forward Thinking Property Management

Property owners throughout the mid-Atlantic region have trusted PRD to manage their real estate investments. That’s because we’re not just another property management firm. We’re a forward thinking property management firm. We are constantly asking “what’s next?” and formulating strategies for your long-term success. As a result, we are an industry leader and trendsetter in our region—named “Property Management Company of the Year” three times by NJAA. We manage a variety of properties, including subsidized (affordable) housing, accessible housing, and conventional rental housing. At every property, our team strives to achieve financial vitality, regulatory compliance and physical excellence.

You can trust us to:

  • Take an asset management approach to ensure a viable financial future for your property.
  • Deliver personalized property management and real estate solutions for your property
  • Anticipate and understand the regulatory environment and requirements for your property
  • Carefully keep the books and mind the finances for your entity
  • Maximize the property value through preventive maintenance
  • Boost resident retention, using proven strategies
  • Invest in our team members and systems to constantly improve service and results
  • Treat residents with courtesy, compassion and respect
  • Solve problems promptly and appropriately
  • Keep your property in good standing

Our services include:

  • Financial and bookkeeping services
  • Implementation of policies
  • Regular property inspections
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Emergency planning
  • Annual certification training, oversight and support to ensure compliance
  • Long range replacement and repair plans
  • Assistance with vendor RFPs and job specifications
  • Enforcement of association regulations
  • Coordination of staff, subcontractors and vendors
  • Personnel management and staffing for on-site teams
  • Compensation and benefits administration
  • Timely correspondence
  • Community newsletters and resident surveys
  • Resident communications and interface
  • Attendance at board meetings
  • Quarterly management reports

2003, 2010, 2013

Named “Property Management Company of the Year” by NJAA

First Rate Financial Administration

Looking after the financial health and stability of your asset is our top priority—and we take that very seriously.  For nearly four decades, we have expertly handled the finances for companies and properties throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As part of our commitment to financial stewardship, we work hard to maintain your property in “like new” condition, which helps properties grow in value and ensures resident safety and retention. Our strong programs of preventive maintenance and facilities management predate HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC) by decades. Practices such as regularly scheduled inspections, long range capital forecasting, and utility consumption tracking ensure that your assets remain in top condition and costly “surprises” are minimized. In addition, we provide the following financial services:

  • A dedicated accounting team that is readily available to your board and treasurer to answer questions and conduct periodic financial reviews
  • Annual budget preparation and monitoring, including year-to-year comparisons
  • Accurate reporting of your property’s financial matters
  • Year-end financial packages provided for independent auditors
  • Preparation of balance sheets, income and expense statements and bank reconciliations
  • Management of accounts payable and receivables, general ledger, deposit and check history, including electronic scanning of vendor invoices and computerized check preparation
  • Help planning capital improvements
  • Strategic preparation for market changes
  • A checks and balances system, assuring you an additional layer of fiduciary protection
  • Comprehensive financial reports for board meetings
  • We hold to the highest standards of transparency, security and accountability

We Treat Residents with Respect

High resident retention rates translate to financially stable and sustainable properties. We take special care to ensure residents not only want to move to our communities, but that they want to remain long term. We provide practical solutions for frail or aging residents that allow them to maintain independence. From arranging public transportation to working with home aides to scheduling Meals on Wheels, our team of dedicated professionals treat every resident with courtesy, compassion and respect. Properties we manage provide:

  • Activity rooms and community spaces
  • Community computers
  • On-site management office
  • On-site coordination with social services
  • 24hr maintenance on call
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We Care

Each property we manage has a site office and employs—at a minimum—a site manager and a maintenance superintendent. Larger properties may also employ social service coordinators, office assistants, maintenance techs, groundskeepers, housekeepers, drivers and security staff.