“When my father started our management company, his vision was based on this question: “if my mother lived here, what would I want it to be like?”. His mother displayed an impeccable standard of care in her home, and, as a result of the great depression, exercised very careful management of dollars and cents. She was connected to her neighbors, and there was a sense of “we are all in this together” when there were hard times. These ideas laid the vision for how we would manage our apartment communities, and, how we are still managing them, over four decades later. Every day we each try to think about how to make something just a bit better and how to keep things running smoothly, with the goal of creating and maintaining quality housing communities that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. This is important and meaningful work, and we take it seriously.”

Our Core Values

Adapt & Grow
Demonstrate a willingness to embrace an array of possibilities, opportunities, thoughts, views, suggestions, and experiences outside of your normal repertoire. Work to ensure that your skills, work product, and knowledge remain relevant and valuable. Adapt to the changing needs of the business and customer. Look at failure as a useful lesson learned even if a project does not meet its original goals. Turn the words, “I can’t” into “I can.”
Do What You Say
Be someone others can count on. Follow up your words with deeds that demonstrate a commitment to maintaining high standards, consistency, and dependability. Communicate and update early and often. Do not leave people hanging. Honor commitments and responsibilities, and take ownership of creating positive results.
Be Respectful and Kind
Treat all people fairly and without prejudice or bias. Practice professional courtesy and respect, keeping disagreements impersonal whenever possible. Appreciate others and thank people for their contributions and ideas. Combat negativity with kind words about others and strive to appreciate the positive in everyone. Do not condone or spread gossip, innuendo or negative rumors.
Act with Honesty & Integrity
When given a choice, always opt for the most reputable route. Have the courage, to tell the truth, admit mistakes and give credit where credit is due. Be 100 percent above-board and candid with everyone whom you are dealing with, remembering that good relationships rely on trust and personal credibility. Have respect for your colleagues by avoiding speculation or the spread of unsubstantiated or confidential information.
Be Resourceful, Show Initiative
Don’t wait to be confronted with problems before coming up with solutions. Look for what is “not working well” and develop recommendations based on sound logic and principles, and then act upon them. Adopt a mentality where you think more about the possibility than impossibility. Make things happen.

Our Approach

  • We are a service company
  • We are problem solvers
  • We believe there is always room for improvement
  • We are a people business
  • We are results-oriented
  • We are a team
  • We care about what we do

PRD stands for Planners, Researchers, and Developers of solutions!

“My grandmother valued a strong sense of community. She displayed an impeccable standard of care in her home, and, as a result of the great depression, exercised very careful management of dollars and cents. These values formed the vision for PRD Management and are still important almost four decades later. Every day we each try to make something just a bit nicer or better with the idea of making it a community that our parents would appreciate and enjoy. This philosophy is the foundation of our work, it supports every activity we do and informs every decision we make.”

Karin McGrath Dunn, PRD President