Consulting & Other Services

No job too small, we do it all.

We’re best known for our property management and bookkeeping services, but we’re also pros in many other facets of the real estate, affordable housing and apartment industries. We serve as guides for others in our industry, project managers and even ambassadors help people move from idea to implementation. Thanks to nearly 2000 elderly residents, we are also well versed in setting up the types of service coordination programs that ensure seniors can age in place and live independently as long as possible.

Since our inception, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with townships, owners, investors, developers, non-profit boards, cities, housing authorities and other community stakeholders on special projects, refinancing packages, affordable housing preservation programs redevelopment programs, renovations, housing authority consulting, Social Service programs for seniors and other unique and community minded projects that relate to our experience and expertise.

    Asset Management

    From project conceptualization to acquisition to operations and exit strategies, our experienced team knows asset management inside and out.

    Services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Market research
  • Project conceptualization
  • Design recommendations
  • Financial alternatives and modeling
  • Long range strategic planning
  • Recapitalization planning and oversight

    Project Oversight and Professional Sourcing

    We can diligently manage your next major capital and construction project, from planning to execution. We have the connections to source, review and supervise third party providers, including project managers, engineers, contractors, attorneys, financial managers, auditors and brokers.

    Services include:

  • Consultant contracts and relationship management
  • Oversight of major capital Improvement or restoration programs
  • Oversight of design for elderly and mobility impaired properties
  • Project management coordination

    Nonprofit Board Administration

    Nonprofit boards often struggle with board management and requirements. We’re here to solve your problems of not enough time and not enough in-house expertise.

    Services include:

  • Coordinating the organization of the investor entity
  • Organizational governance
  • Meeting coordination
  • Financial policies and management
  • Succession planning
  • Ethics, lobbying, advocacy

    Troubled Assets

    Unfortunately, it happens. Trouble strikes and a once prosperous property becomes financially unstable or physically deteriorated to a point where a new perspective and approach is necessary. The reasons can be varied and complex. But whatever the reason, we can help assess the problem and then develop a plan to liquidate, restore or reposition your property for success.

    Services include:

  • Assessments and SWOT Analysis
  • Evaluation of financial alternatives
  • Strategic planning or consulting
  • Mediation with HUD, HMFA and other stakeholders to create new solutions and opportunities
  • Development of management improvement outlines

Congratulations on being chosen for the Lawrence Township 2012 residential award. This award is given to your organization for restoring the multi-family property, and thereby improving the neighborhood.

Testimonial NJ Growth and Redevelopment Committee, Lawrence Twp.
NJ Growth and Redevelopment Committee, Lawrence Twp.